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Our Commitment

   The «Missio Pastoralis» Postulation Office is committed to accompanying local churches and religious congregations in processing beatification and canonization causes, shepherding them with both pastoral care and missionary sensitivity from beginning to end.


   Currently, «Missio Pastoralis» serves dioceses and religious congregations located in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South America.


    Through this website, «Missio Pastoralis» hopes to extend further its services to dioceses and communities throughout the world which seek competent assistance in furthering the direction of their beatification and canonization causes.

Pope Benedict XVI, Address to Postulators, 17 Dece...

Pope Benedict XVI, Address to Postulators, 17 December 2007

The ecclesial and social importance of constantly presenting new models of holiness makes the work of those who collaborate in causes of beatification and canonization particularly precious. All those who work for the Causes of Saints are called to place themselves exclusively at the service of the truth.